I am a multimedia artist working in various media such as bronze, stone, wood, and rope. I have exhibited in galleries and museums in the US and Europe. My Kundalini yogic practice done over decades as both a student and master teacher has profoundly shaped my artistic practice to make a positive impact on society and nature and transform finite objects into meaningful infinite messages.

I’m an artistic commentator on the disruptive impact our throwaway consumer society is increasingly having on the global environment. My art work is centered on combining found objects such as industrial gloves, increasingly acidified and thus brittle shells, and feathers as a symbol of the journey to the infinite. The art becomes meditative multi-media wall hangings that blend these diverse and contradictory objects into artistic statements about the fragile nature of the oceans.

I am an artist creating universal statements that make a positive impact on our collective consciousness with regard to the environment, minority and political rights, spiritual transcendence, and cultural diversity of expression.


The current works reflect a focus on the disruptive impact modern society has on nature. These works are concentrated on the oceans with several simple objects that are all still plentiful, too often taken for granted, and yet increasingly fragile. For many of these works, the incorporation of knotted material and woven patterns are bathed like discarded items washing ashore in stark white.